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Community Supported Agriculture

How it Works

Our model works a little differently to the other ways you might buy food. It is designed to be a win-win for the consumer and for the farmer. This is at odds to conventional food sales where the retailer makes all the money and the farmer and consumer come off second best. This model is known as Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA.

A CSA subscription guarantees you a share of our yearly harvest. How our model works is that we allocate a fixed number of shares based on the number of livestock we have for a given season. In good years as those stock grow bigger we all receive a bit more meat, in poorer years when the cows grow a little smaller we get a little less. We both share in the bounties and tribulations that our boss, Nature, brings us.

Your meat is vacuum packed to seal in its freshness. Vacuum packed meat can be stored up to two weeks in the refrigerator and one year in the freezer. When frozen your meat won’t get freezer burn, it will stay as tasty as when it was first packed.

This quality produce is delivered to your home each month. When times are good your share will be bigger, when times could be better it may be a little less. However, you will always receive top quality beef direct from the farm gate.

Because you promise to be our customer, we in return work hard to supply you with the most nutritious meat nature can grow. We also promise to supply it at a lower price and ensure that there is always enough produce to fill your share.



Door to door. Amazing surprise. Thank you. Meat perfect. Brilliant.

Customer from Canterbury

 My kids LOVE the sausages. 

Customer from Sydney

Thank you for providing such amazingly quality meat in your subscription boxes.

Customer from North Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! The concept of our business model is win-win for both the consumer and the farmer. We are certain you will be very pleased with the taste and quality of our meat. If however you decide its not for you we don’t wish to lock you in. All we ask is that you give us at least 21 days notice prior to cancelling. Any later and your meat would already be being processed. Any cancellations less that 21 days will still need to be paid for.

Your Farmer’s meat is vacuum packaged and as a result can be frozen for up to one year. If you wish to suspend a deivery thats OK too, please let us know 21 days prior so we can organise with our butcher. Any cancellations less that 21 days will still need to be paid for.

Yes please. We deliver during working-hours so you can be home when we arrive. We will be able to give you an exact date and approximate time after your order once we determine your location. You can arrange for us to leave with a neighbour or at a workplace if convenient.

We vacuum pack all meat and deliver in a polystyrene eski directly to your home.

The polystyrene eski is made up of 98% air, expanded Polystyrene is extremely lightweight, and as a result, the cost of transport of this material is significantly reduced.  This in turn reduces emissions due to fuel consumption, thus less impact on global warming.  Further, Expanded Polystyrene is odourless and non-toxic.  It does not, nor has ever emitted chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), and is recyclable.

We ship to Sydney, Southern Highlands, Canberra and the Shoalhaven

Please use the contact us page anytime. This will get to us even if we are in the paddock :)

Our animals are not raised using vaccines or other chemicals. They are grown on the natural grasses in the beautiful southern highlands.