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How our farming practices ensure you get top quality

Your Farmer’s use a combination of Biodynamics and Rotational grazing. These two processes help us maintain the best soil quality – the foundation for all nutritional food.


Soil quality – the foundation for all nutritional food

Our practices are designed to bring balance to all life on the farm, in particular the soil. They help build microbial populations that promote the best soil quality. The result is a healthy soil and nutritional pasture.

The Biodynamic preparations are sprayed out over the farm twice per year, in spring and autumn. These are designed to bring balance to all life on the farm, in particular the soil. They help build microbial populations in the soil and bring life and vitality back to our old Australian soils.

Healthy and happy stock – it shows in our meat

Our cattle are rotated around their “cells” every two to three days. This means that over the span of a year our livestock spend only 3-4 days per season in each paddock! The other days a year our paddocks are allowed to rest and rejuvenate. The result is a healthy soil, and nutritional pasture. Furthermore diseases associated with animals spending all their days in the same paddock are eliminated, meaning a healthier and safer product for you.

Ecologically sustainable – we work with nature not against it

Our methods are designed to pass the test of time. By enhancing our farm’s biodiversity we don’t need to add chemicals that contaminate the produce or the environment.

Because we always have grass for our cows to feed on we do not need to buy in food, they are grass fed their entire life which means added health benefits to you. For more information please take a look at Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Products.


How we make your food taste great

Rotational grazing

pasture-img-1Traditional farming both in Australia and overseas sees livestock kept in the same paddock for many months, often years, on end. This means that the stock are always treading the same ground, eating around their own manure, and over grazing “sweet” spots in their paddock. The result of this is lower animal health, poor soil quality and poor feed quality.
In order to correct this problem conventional farmers send their stock to a feedlot where they are force fed grain and other fattening foods to make them look fat. This is no different than over fertilising a tomato plant – it grows big and bulky but has no nutritional substance. All you get are water balloons.
This is not what nature intended. Grass fed animals are high in nutrition and are simply healthier (see Health Benefits of Grass-Fed Products).
Rotational grazing is a method of farming livestock where animals are combined into one large mob and are moved from one paddock to another at regular high frequency intervals. The benefits are:
  • Paddocks are rested for lengthy periods of time
  • Grass is able to grow longer, with greater root depth. This enriches the soil.
  • Stock always have fresh grass to eat, they don’t get sick and are not forced to eat around their own manure
Our cattle are rotated around their paddocks every week. The rest of the year our paddocks are allowed to rest and rejuvenate. On top of this we give our stock fresh spring water to drink in each paddock rather than muddy dams. If we don’t drink it we don’t make them!
Working with nature not against

Biodynamic farming

images-2The Bio-Dynamic Agricultural Method developed from advice and instruction given from 1922 to 1925, by the scientist and philosopher, Rudolf Steiner. In 1924 Steiner gave a series of lectures, addressing the situation of Agriculture in direct response to requests on how to reverse the problems of loss of vitality in crops – which had became noticeable since the introduction of chemical fertilisers.
Biodynamic agriculture is a method of organic farming that treats a farm as a unified and individual organism, emphasising balancing the interrelationship of soils, plants, animals as a self-nourishing system without external inputs insofar as this is possible given the loss of nutrients due to the export of food. It is sometimes referred to as “organics plus”.
What is important here is that Biodynamics is just not about abstaining from the use chemicals or synthetic fertlisers. Instead we focus on the quality of the entire farm as a entity for producing food for humans to thrive upon. As such you can be assured that all of Your Farmer’s produce is not only chemical free, but also nourishing to both your body and soul.
Biodynamics is regarded by some as the first modern ecological farming system, biodynamic farming has much in common with other organic approaches, such as emphasising the use of manures and composts and excluding of the use of artificial chemicals on soil and plants. Methods unique to the biodynamic approach include the use of fermented herbal and mineral preparations as compost additives and field sprays and the use of an astronomical sowing and planting calendar.
The Biodynamic Preparations were developed out of indications given by Dr. Steiner in 1924. They are not fertilisers themselves but greatly assist the fertilising process. As such they only need to be used in very small amounts.
  • Horn Manure Preparation (500) is used to enliven the soil, increasing the microflora and availability of nutrients and trace elements. Through it the root growth, in particular, is strengthened in a balanced way, especially the fine root hairs. Horn Manure 500 helps in developing humus formation, soil structure and water holding capacity.
  • Horn Silica Preparation (501) enhances the light and warmth assimilation of the plant, leading to better fruit and seed development with improved flavour, aroma, colour and nutritional quality.
  • Compost Preparations (502 to 507), known collectively as the compost preparations, help the dynamic cycles of the macro- and micro-nutrients, via biological processes in the soil and in material breakdown.
Your Farmer’s employ the use of the two Biodynamic field sprays (horn manure and horn silica) and the six preparations over the entire farm. These sprays and preparations are put out according to the rhythms of the moon and planets at least twice per year. These preparations not only help our farm be ecologically sound but they also provide nutritional value to all our food.
Your Farmer’s use the Australian Demeter Biodynamic method as developed by Alex Podolinski. This method is regarded worldwide as the premium Biodynamic farming system. More information can be found at